Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking forward

As I said to my partner, Mr. ZQ, at 12:01 on Jan. 1, “We made it!” Meaning, we made it to 2012. Not that there was a whole lot of doubt, but really, you never know. Accidents and health conditions can put an unexpected end to life, and each new day is a new blessing. Another chance to make a difference in the world around us.

12Jan2savonaThis past year has taken a big toll on my health. My company rearranged my work schedule for me late in 2010, and that has resulted in many more hours at work for me. My complaints were duly noted and filed. Any my job went from being one where I often left the office and talked to people, and took long walks during lunchtime, to one where I sit at my desk all day in front of the computer, and eat my lunch there as well. I must start walking again or pretty soon I won’t be able to walk anymore. I have to say, if it comes down to a decision between my job and my health, the job is going to have to go.

12Jan2kitty Walking is one of my New Year’s resolutions. The other is to learn more embroidery stitches. I used to embroider as a young teenager, but I only ever knew one stitch. And as far as I knew, that’s all embroidery was. No one ever told me differently. My interest in quilts has rekindled many old hobbies, including embroidery and beadwork. Last year I challenged myself to take up blogging – and I’ve been at it for exactly one year now. I still have lots more to learn about it, but I can do a little embroidery at the same time.

12Jan2squares I’ve been working on these scrappy little three-and-a-half-inch squares for months now. You can find them and more free miniature patterns at this site . (Look under the 1997 Collections – they’re called Amish Diamonds.) I have no idea what I’ll do with them, but they’re fun and a great way to use up scraps. I spent most of Jan. 1 working on them – I guess I’m getting a head start on next Christmas. With luck I’ll have something made out of them by then.

12Jan2panel A few months ago I bought a remnant of Christmas fabric at Fabricland in Kamloops. I didn’t realize it was a series of panels until I got home. I was wondering what I was going to do with the squares yesterday, as they’re so small – I’d have to make a zillion of them for even a lap quilt. Then I remembered the panels. I might use them as a border for one or more of them. I don’t know if I will, but it’s an option. I’ll have to put some sashing between the squares to make them fit.

If you’re looking for some neat little paper piecing projects to work on, you can find some cool free patterns at Regina Grewe and Ula Lenz websites – just look for the free patterns directory.

Well, holidays are over. Time to go back to work.

Until next time,


  1. Happy New Year, Wendy.
    I agree -- your health has to come before a job.
    What a great idea for a border of the Christmas panels -- that will be a VERY cheerful Christmas quilt!

  2. This is a lovely wall hanging, love the 'wonky' blocks.