Friday, December 30, 2011

Are we there yet?

I swear, it was just Jan. 1, 2011 a few days ago. What happened to the rest of it? You get so focussed on looking ahead – to the weekend, to the next paycheque, to birthdays, anniversaries, vacations or other special events, and we end up in an unintentional race with the calendar until we arrive suddenly at the finish line and we can’t remember how we got there.

11Dec30 I do have a few finished quilts and other projects to show that I was indeed awake and sewing this year, even if I can’t remember much of it. Including the last of the mug rug Christmas presents that I finished this morning – it’s before New Year’s, so it still counts as a Christmas present. It’s for a co-worker who lives about two and a half hours north of here. Ain’t modern technology grand? We connect on a mutual server and work together every day – for two years now. I’ve only met her face to face once, but she’s a lot of fun to work with.

I shared pictures of a needle book a few days ago – front and back – but I forgot to show what the “cover” looked like. It looks like this…11Dec24needlebook

My partner’s children had to cancel their visit this week due to illness, so no sewing time with his granddaughter. No snowmen, no ponies. I might go ahead and make a few myself, but it won’t be near as much fun as making them with a six year old girl.

I apologize for the lack of Rusty and Ginger pictures lately. They’re fine and being just as active and adorable as usual. And right now they’re both planted on me – Ginger on my lap and Rusty in my arms, making it necessary to type with only one hand, but it’s a small price to pay for a cuddle. I actually get the rest of the weekend off – WOOHOO! – so I promise we’ll have some kitty sweetness very shortly.

In case I’m not back here until next year, let me wish you all a healthy and very happy New Year in 2012!

Until next time,

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