Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making up for lost time

12Jan18birds The weather, not me. Winter came storming in at the beginning of the week and it’s still pummelling us with temperatures in the –20- -27C range. And that nasty, bitter north wind is just torture to be out in. I have two bird feeders in the front yard, sheltered a bit by the lilac bushes and the cedars. The birds have been eating more than normal since the cold weather set in. I refill the feeders while the car is warming up in the morning, but I always end up with frozen hands and feet that feel like blocks of ice. The little house sparrows and finches huddle together in the cedars when they aren’t at the feeders. They look COLD! Colder than we were Monday morning when the motor for our furnace quit working around 5 am. Heck of a time to find out that the only furnace repair guy in town moved away a few months ago.Luckily we could go down to the local hardware store (next town over) and buy a replacement motor. We had it up and running again before noon.

12Jan18fabric Does this look like a quilt? I cut them this morning as I plan to get back to work on the Mexican Star. I’d planned to use the blue and purple squiggles as an inner border, and the rest as blocks to square up the inner diamond shape, as so…

12Jan18quilt …but I’m not sure it’s going to work. Looking at it in this picture, I don’t think the blue is working, even though it’s in the same fabric line as the yellows and reds. I need to look at some other colours. And not sure, but I think the new blocks I made are too small. Rusty scattered them several times as I tried straightening them out again, the brat, making it next to impossible to take measurements and get a good visual.

12Jan18cats The frigid air whistling in through the windows and around the door frames must be invigorating to them, because Rusty and Ginger have been playing much more than usual these last few days. Rusty is sitting on pails of rice and four, getting ready to pounce on Ginger who is contentedly sitting on a heat register while the furnace is on. Brat!

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  1. Those are nasty cold temperatures!! Thank goodness for people like you who make sure our feathered friends have food during winter!