Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Late Christmas present

12Jan10cats I managed to capture Rusty and Ginger at rest. It doesn’t happen very often, and it didn’t last long in this case. This was after a short, half-hearted battle over the “donut”. The donut is a circular cat bed that were here long before Rusty and Ginger showed up, and they took to them instantly. It’s not often that I buy something for the cats that they actually USE! I have two of them, and they’ve each claimed their own, more or less, but this time Rusty was resting contentedly in “her” donut, so she decided to join him. A brief tussle ensued as they rearranged themselves, then quietness.12Jan10red I left them this way and headed off to work, stopping at the Post Office on my way out of town. Oh happy, happy day! A package of new fabric was waiting there for me! I got in on Hamels' after Christmas sale – half off the Christmas fabric and 25 per cent off all other fabric – and I rescued as much fabric as I could. Sadly, I had to leave much beautiful material behind as I just don’t have enough room in the house to keep it all. Sigh. As it is, I think I’m going to have to buy some new storage units now.12Jan10white I was working on those little scrappy paper-pieced Amish Diamonds over Christmas and realized that I didn’t have much of a variety of bright reds. Much of what I have tends to be more brown or puce – not really my idea of fun Christmassy reds. Don’t you hate it when you find colour gaps in your stash? Fabric shopping is just a chore. NOT! The problem is having to decide what to take out of your cart after you exceed your budget.12Jan10black And I still tend to pick out the same colour ranges time after time, so it’s a bit of a struggle to get something different. Some of it is still brownish, but I think it will work out. I managed to avoid my favourite greens – as if I need more. Sigh. Also found some lovely ivory shades and sparkly gold. And they sparkle too! And some beautiful Stof prints that are usually priced beyond my sense of thrift. Not that they aren’t worth it, but if I ignore anything long enough, I can usually forget all about it.

Then I see it on sale and lose my mind. What the heck? It’s a Christmas present, from me to me. Now I have to get cracking and decide what I’ll make with it all.

By the way, the snow from Saturday? It’s all gone. Just a memory and a few photographs.

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful fabrics you saved by bringing them home!! Those reds are gorgeous.
    Love the kitties curled up together, even if it did take a small spat before they settled in.