Saturday, January 7, 2012

It was bound to happen

Everyone’s been wondering where it’s been and when or even whether it will come. Some people/groups are even complaining that they’ll lose their businesses if it doesn’t come soon! To me, it’s just another four-letter word.

But it looks great in pictures, so I walked around town taking a few, here and there, smiling and agreeing with everyone who thought it was “beautiful!” Well, it is that. I just hate having to drive in it, especially at night when you can’t even see the roads for “it”.

12Jan7govbldgAshcroft, the town I work in, at one time wanted all of its businesses to adopt a western “frontier” theme. Actually, at one time, it really looked like that. Some of the newer buildings downtown have added facades to their storefronts, and the old “government building” even built a boardwalk around theirs.






12Jan7irlyA bit of the downtown area with more frontier facades.


Decorative grasses in the park receive a bit more decoration.

12Jan7sumac And a lovely sumac bush, with branches and fruit outlined by the… “it”.


And the old caboose in Legacy Park. I think it was CN (Canadian National) Railroad who donated a pile of old cabooses to the towns along the railroad. Probably because they did away with all of them. Most towns around here have an orange caboose in a park. The kids like to play on them. One couple I took wedding pictures for a few years ago wanted some pictures of them taken on the caboose. It’s a lovely feature, and even more beautiful in the snow.

Next post there’ll be quilty things. Until then, stay warm, stay safe.

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful pictures of "it". I especially love the grasses and the caboose. We haven't had any of "it" this year either, except for a very light dusting.

  2. Snow is such a fun subject to shoot, but I agree, not to drive in! Great shots.

  3. I usually only see 'it' from a bit of distance, up in the local So. California mountains, and luckily for me, in wonderful photos like these! Thanks for sharing. :D