Saturday, January 3, 2015

Snow Angel

15Jan3angel Don’t get excited. Just because I’ve blogged three days in a row doesn’t mean it’s going to go on for much longer. Today was a Snow Day and we all know that Snow Days are best spent sewing! And did we ever get snow. Actually, we got it yesterday. The skies opened up around lunch time and dumped about 4 inches of snow in a couple of hours. Today strong winds all day blew it all around, making it seem like another Snow Day.

I finished off this gal from The Buggy Barn’s Angels Among Us. It used to be a free pattern at the Henry Glass website, but it was taken down a while back and I haven’t seen it since. I grabbed a copy of it while it was there. This is a paper pieced pattern. There is another Buggy Barn pattern by the same name, but it is totally different. Anyway, I think I’ll be making more15Jan3house of these blocks for late  Christmas presents. It’s great to get an unexpected post-Christmas present, isn’t it?

Since I was more or less stuck in the house (if you don’t count shovelling out the 12-inch snow drifts in the driveway and visiting my next door neighbour), I also made this “Simple House” 6-inch block from Forest Quilting site. They have some really nice 15Jan3zion free paper piecing patterns. I’ve already shown you the stars. It’s all part of a bigger plan.

I admit, freshly falling snow can be beautiful. I just object to having to drive in it and since I live in one town and work in another, I have to drive through a lot of snow. You get over it or you move to Mexico. Here’s a picture I took yesterday after it started snowing. Hope everyone is staying warm and dry tonight.

Until next time,

Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Furrball – Christmas prezzies

15Jan2Rusty While I was at my sewing machine yesterday, I picked up an old scrap off the floor that the cats had been batting around. I sewed it into a bag, stuffed it with catnip that I went out to the garden to get, sewed it shut and voila! Instant gratification. Of course, Rusty took it right away. I had to make another one for Ginger. Rusty took that one, too. We finally got it sorted out.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

The start of something small

15Jan1stars It really is 2015. I had to create new photo files today before I could store some pictures. I use the year as a sub-folder for several different categories – for example, in the folder Quilt, I have 2010, 2011… and now I have 2015.

And these three-inch stars are my first quilt photo – and project of 2015. They are from a free paper piecing block at Forest Quilting called Crooked Star, and they are going to be part of a small wall hanging that I’m making as a Christmas present.

Yeah, Christmas 2014. I didn’t get anything done last year, and all of my friends basically got “IOU’s” for their presents. Many people I know just weren’t in the mood this year for Christmas – including me.

Actually, I did get one present made, a few weeks ago. I just haven’t mailed it yet.

 15Jan1kittens I’m hoping for a much more productive year for quilts and bags this year. Just have to quit letting work crowd out everything else. January means new Quiltalongs, and there are at least a couple I’d like to join. I’ll let you know about them in a few weeks if I decide to join them.

This is one of my favourite photos of Rusty and Ginger, taken this day in 2910, just a few days after they came to live with us. Adorable. Moreso in those days than they are now.

Until next time,