Friday, December 9, 2011

Another one of those days

11Dec9cats Events like a Full Moon don’t affect everyone the same way, but I’ve had quite the day. Just glad to be home, finally, safe and sound. First off this morning, I sewed my binding backwards – twice, and then gave up. Went to the gas station on my way to work and the price of gas was 10 cents/Litre cheaper than it’s been in months, so I filled up. Never know what it’s going to be tomorrow. Then I went to the bank. Nearly got into two accidents on the highway at the entrance to the parking lot. People are in such a hurry. I had to stop halfway into the entrance for a car that was trying to back out onto the highway (!) and got the horn from the vehicle behind me. I gave him a gesture that may have been construed as rude, but it honestly wasn’t. We both apologized to each other once we got out of our vehicles – he was honking at someone else, and my gesture wasn’t rude, but it was impatient.

The lineup inside the bank was all the way to the front door. I stood there for five minutes and the lineup hadn’t budged. I had to get to work, so I left. That’s the way the day started, and it didn’t get any better. Tonight there were pedestrians and bicyclists all over the road after dark with no markings to show they were there!! I’m just glad to be home.

11Dec9rusty1 And watching The Bishop’s Wife on my laptop as I type this (on my desktop). The OLD Bishop’s Wife with Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young. I love old movies. And the interior shots in the movie of the house they live in – all of the intricately-detailed wood…. – is just beautiful. I see some drawers made of beautiful Birds Eye Maple in the scene I’m watching at the moment. And I love the leaded windows in the study. Things you never see anymore. There was a remake made of the movie not that long ago with Denzel Washington, and although I love him and think he’s a fantastic actor, I haven’t seen his version of the movie.

11Dec9rusty2 Well, the tree is up and Rusty and Ginger think it’s wonderful that I have erected such a fantastic kitty toy for them. I wasn’t finished putting the ornament boxes away the other day when the first icicle hit the floor! I haven’t had a chance to get any good pictures of them with the tree yet this year, so I’ve included a couple from last year. The bell ornament is a gift from grandma. This will be their third Christmas with us. Sure beats the first Christmas – the first night they arrived in our house – when they spent the night huddled together under the couch.

11Dec9flower I’ve been working on some Christmas prezzies, so I really don’t want to post identifying pictures here, just in case. I mean, at least half the fun is the surprise! But here’s a little stitching – I dug out the metallic thread for this posy and it didn’t snag on me, which is very good. I also dug out the felt that I’ve been accumulating – bits and pieces from the local thrift stores. My Janome’s blanket stitch looks very nice (I think) on the felt, although the little oval shapes were so small that I had to move them around under the needle with a pair of tweezers! (I didn’t have 11Deceggs any yellow or orange for the yolk so I used green – you know, Green Eggs and Ham! I was raised on Dr. Seuss books, and was just watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas before The Bishop’s Wife – the Boris Karloff-narrated cartoon, not the modern movie…) I couldn’t machine-stitch the “flower” at the side because of how it’s situated, so I had to hand-stitch it. As usual, it looks weird, but I guess that’s my signature.

Yours in weirdness…. Until next time,

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