Thursday, December 15, 2011

Addicted to last minute

11Dec15snow A little bit of snow today – couple of inches. Made everything look nice.

I’m still working on Christmas presents. Have one finished, one almost finished. One halfway finished, and one not started yet! Yeah, I’m crazy. Every year it’s the same, trying to get last minute 11Dec15snow2 presents finished. I always succeed, but at the cost of my sleep and my sanity. This is the second set of mug rugs I’ve been working on this week. I tried some fusible web for the first time with these, mostly because I’m running out of time. I picked up a bit at Fabricland on Tuesday – there was a scrap of it tossed into the remnant bin – and I’m a big remnant bin shopper – so I bought it for $1.13. I can tell you the price, but I can’t really tell you which fusible web it is. Except that it worked just fine. And it looks like this:

11Dec15flwr1 Have a long way to go to finish them.

We found out yesterday that my partner’s daughter and her family are visiting us for a couple of days before Christmas and New Years. That means his six year old granddaughter will be here, and I’m hoping that she’ll be as interested in my sewing machine as she was last last summer . I’m thinking she might be 11Dec15flwr2 interested in these snowmen or this Swedish Dala Horse . Maybe both. I need to do just a little practising before she comes. Good thing I stocked up on hobby felt on Tuesday. I might even get her brothers interested. If not, there’s always something interesting happening in their grampa’s workshop.

Right now I’m watching It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart (on my laptop). Did I mentioned that I love black and white movies? I grew up on black and white TVs. My hometown was Windsor, Ontario, so we watched a lot of Detroit stations. And back in “those days”, afternoon television was either serial shows (soap operas) or old movies (because they were cheaper to broadcast than new movies) and if you wanted to, you could watch old black and whites all day long, from Rita Bell’s Prize Movies in the morning to Bill Kennedy in the afternoon. Oh, the days of locally hosted TV shows. And then from 11 pm until the station went off the air around 1 am you could watch more black and white movies and it was usually Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly movies or Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with the old movies. And now I have a few in our DVD/Blu Ray collection. How many different formats have I already had to buy Casablanca in? Ain’t modern technology wonderful? Just imagine, 30 years ago, except for watching the occasional movie on TV, no one expected to ever watch these movies again, but here they are.

Lots of movie watching, Christmas baking and more sewing to do in the next week – plus work, so it’s busy as usual. Almost feels like Santa’s workshop here!

Until next time,

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