Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patience may be overrated

My mother banned me from her sewing machine when I was a teenager. That may sound a bit harsh to a community of sewers, but my Taurean Moon gives me a bit of a temper. And my Sun and Mars combination give an added ooomph to that. I've come a long way in the past 40 years or so with managing my temper, but the other day I was so tempted to pick up my sewing machine and throw it through the window that I haven't done much in the way of quilting this week. We're currently not on speaking terms but I imagine that will end soon - it always does.
We're still working out the tension issues. I pulled out all of my flower pattern Free Motion Quilting because tension was too tight and causing the ugly appearance of my bobbin thread. So I readjusted my tension knob while sewing a test strip until I thought I had it right and started FMQ again. And it was right for a few seconds. Then the thread snarled on the backing and jammed. Once I calmed down, I got out my test strip and sewed while readjusting the tension again. I just can't get it "perfect". I can still see just a little of the bobbin thread on top, but not all the time. If I move my knob one iota, I get the snarls on the bottom again. Seeing bobbin thread on top is preferable to having my top thread on the bottom, but I'm not happy with it. Maybe I should just invisible thread. (Too bad I just ordered half a dozen spools of pretty Sulky blendables for top stitching.)
Everyone else in Canada and the US seem to be experiencing flooding this year, why not us? May was such a wet month. Our river doesn't normally overflow its banks, but it happens every few years. This is one of those years. The price you pay for living right on the river. My house is halfway up the big hill. We just have to worry about mudslides. :-) The municipal park is next to the river in a very beautiful setting. Large sections of it were under water yesterday. It'll eventually drain with no lasting damage, but our big annual summertime event is happening in a couple of weeks and they aren't going to be able to hold it in the park, unfortunately.
New Moon coming up tomorrow, June 1, at 11 Gemini. Gemini is all about travel - either physical travel or mental travel through the realm of ideas. Gemini also rules the hands, so when ideas and hands connect, all sorts of creative things get accomplished. Tomorrow's New Moon is trine Saturn, which makes it more focussed and productive. Otherwise, ideas can get scattered and lost.The Twins represent Gemini, and duplicate and mirror images are favoured this month, and blues, grays and greens are the predominant colours.
Until next time,


  1. I've always found Blendables difficult to tension in my sewing machine or on the LA. I usually tighten the top tension more. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Linda, just what I need! More tension challenges. Maybe my package will get lost in the Missisauga sorting station during the Canada Post strike and I can claim compensation. :-) With my luck, not. I think my lesson in this life is to learn patience.