Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby steps

I don't mind rain. I love the way it smells in the grass and on the dirt. I love waking up to the sound of rain hitting the roof. I love seeing raindrops clinging to leaves and flowers.

But I also love the sunshine and being able to work outside without getting all muddy. And I don't like the way the rain makes the weeds grow faster! I've barely managed to keep the dandelions and thistles under control in the front yard (I pull my weeds), but the wild grasses and other miscellaneous weeds are growing like wildfire now.

happy honeybee on a horse chestnut blossom
lily of the valley in my garden
expired tulips
not one of mine, ellie mae is a frequent visitor in my backyard
don't think the birds are looking for a bath right now
always one of my favourite flowers, bleeding hearts
I've finished ripping out all of the freemotion sewing in my latest lap quilt. Gave me lots of time to examine my stitching and see just how bad it was. It looks okay if I keep it to a flowing motion, like stippling, but stopping and starting again (as in making points) is my downfall. More practice. I think Rusty and Ginger need a few more quilted mats.

Sew Sisters in Toronto is having a big 25 per cent off sale today and tomorrow. If that link doesn't work, there's another one near the bottom of this page, lower right. I've ordered from them before and am quite happy with their service and the quality of their merchandise. I ordered some black and white fabric for my yin yang quilt and also some Sulky blendable thread (because some day I will figure out this thing they call freemotion and it will no longer terrify me).

Time to go practice. Until next time,

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