Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Opposites attract

Ginger sez, Life is good
It rained all morning and all evening yesterday - my only (almost) day off. Cold, too. Sounds like it was raining all over Canada. I had plans for outside work yesterday. I don't mind working outside in the rain. I love rain. But the soil in the front yard has finally been raked evenly and I don't want to disturb it when it's wet.
And I can't cut the grass in the backyard either. We're having a backyard party this coming  weekend, so I need to get some work done there. This weekend is a "long weekend" in Canada - May 23 is (Queen) Victoria Day and also traditionally the weekend that gardeners across Canada plant their gardens (there are no other optimists like gardeners). It's also usually a bit on the chilly side. The public swimming pool opens every year on this weekend, and while the outdoor pool is filled with happy, noisy children, the pool staff are usually wearing parkas and shivering on the pool deck.

Next weekend we're planning a cozy fire in our backyard fire pit. So it would be nice to get the grass cut, and the accumulated mess from last Fall cleaned up. It's amazing how fast the weeds grow. The pasture of dandelions in the backyard have already flowered and gone to seed. It's ot fair how they can go through an entire reproduction cycle and it's barely warm enough to be outside.
The May/June issue of McCall's Quilting has a fabulous yin/yang pattern by Toby Lischko that I just have to make. I've never done curved seams before, and I'm going to have to start collecting black and white fabric, but even before I saw this pattern, I was planning a Yin/Yang quilt in my head. I can't make it right away, but it just fast tracked up my priority list.
Just need to finish the current quilt I'm working on - still ripping out stitches - and then hopefully make a skirt for our Christmas tree and maybe even finish off all of those Christmas presents I started a couple of years ago. After that, we'll see.
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  1. I am not sure I will plant yet...maybe the weekend after. We often get frost into early June. It is just nice to have the sun out finally!