Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog and run

Don't you just hate it when everything suddenly speeds up without notice and suddenly you're facing a mountain of work - with an avalance crashing towards you? I really should know by now that people start crawling out of their dens at this time of year, and my job kicks back into high gear.

I didn't even have time to comment on the last New Moon which was at 13 Pisces on March 4 - my partner's birthday and also the placement of his Natal Sun. I've mentioned before that a New Moon is a good time to finish projects and I actually finished one that I'd been working on forever - since the end of January. It was his birthday present, and I finished it somewhere around midnight on March 3, and it's my first finish of 2011.

I think he was pleased with it. I was too, although there were several mistakes, and I fixed over a million of them while I was making it. But the day I stop making mistakes will be the day I walk on water, so I guess I'll just get over it. More than anything, I'm relieved to have finally finished it so I can move on to other things. Like finishing that paper pieced star, for one.
The next New Moon is April 3 at 13 Aries, and before that we have a Full Moon coming up on March 19 at 28 Virgo.

Ginger holding down my magazine collection

Rusty getting positive vibes from my peppermint tea
Until next time,


  1. Turned out beautiful! Love the quilting!! Kitties are so cute, as always! :-)

  2. Wendy ... Good job! Martin mentioned it when he phoned the other evening and he sounded very pleased - I can see why. Hugs, Geri