Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go green!

A little bit of green, in keeping with the occasion. Snowdrops showing their faces in my garden this week.

I was hoping to put together some quick paper pieced tulips last night for a speaker's gift today, but couldn't do it. Nothing happens quickly in this house - when I'm not up to my eyeballs in work, the household felons - errr, felines - demand my absolute attention. I had my pattern out and was going through my scraps, looking for the right sized pieces... Rusty and Ginger sat or laid on every part of the project, making it my sole job to shoo them away. It was a great game for them. I gave up.

It's not very St. Patricky, but I had quiche for supper. I had to do something with all of those eggs. And I love quiche, especially with lots of mushrooms and asparagus or broccoli. I share it with the cats. Cream, eggs, cheese, vegetables - what's not to love?
I went looking for photos yesterday and came away with lots of good ones, and a dozen fresh eggs. I love small towns. I was wandering down the street, after having visited the horses in the field next to the town swimming pool, the goats and sheep at the ranch next to it, and the horse and pony at the bottom of the hill, when I heard someone behind me call out to get my attention. They figured rightly that I was looking for pictures and invited me into the chicken yard to see the new chicks that had just arrived that morning ny Canada Post. Whay says Spring better than a clutch of brand new cute chicks? So I took some pictures and we talked about them and the rest of their chickens; her husband showed up and I found out that I knew his parents even though I hadn't met this couple before (that I know of), and he showed me his "pet" chicken Gerty, and they made sure I had a dozen fresh eggs to take with me before I left.

I had just gotten a dozen fresh eggs the day before from my next door neighbour, Judy, who has four "pet" chickens in her backyard - Fran, Brunhilde, Gerta and Pearl. Doesn't everyone name their chickens? Anyway, I now have a really good supply of eggs, but I love eggs so they won't last long.
It may come as no surprise that we have a Full Moon coming up on Sat., March 19 at 28 Virgo (almost 29). I think people are already feeling the effects - lot of people driving like idiots (they always do just after the highways get rid of the last of their snow and ice) and others are just so damned funny. I was almost in tears twice today because I was laughing so hard at people. And, of course, the Vernal Equinox (Spring) arrives on Sun., March 20 near midnight as the Sun enters into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Yay!

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