Monday, February 28, 2011

And it just keeps coming

We now interrupt the regularly-scheduled blizard to bring you....

Colours that stimulate the Root Chakra

Spring! Oh, how I wish! Happy last day of February. Everyone else has gotten one (or more) this winter, we were wondering where our blizzard was (not really). Well, we woke up to it this morning. Good thing I had nowhere to go until this afternoon. Maybe somebody will come by and clean up this mess before then. The snow isn't bad, but the 50 kph gusting winds are quite unpleasant. I have snow stuck to the windows on both the east and west side of my house.
We normally have dry winters here in BC's "desert". I have to shovel snow three, maybe four times over a winter. But this winter? Seven times already and that doesn't look like the end of it.
The more dismal the weather, the more we crave bright colours. Most coastal towns have brightly coloured houses and shops near the waterfront where it tends to be the gloomiest with fog and rain. Too bad my pictures of St. John's, Newfoundland are all on paper - there were no digital cameras back then - or I would show you the neat colours of the buildings down on Gower St. near the harbour.

On days like this our Crown Chakra (top of head) isn't getting sufficient nourishment of prana - energy from the sun - and that contributes to the general malaise of endless overcast days and bad weather. At this time, many of us are working from our Root Chakra (base of the spine) - our survival, base instinct kicks in whether we recognize it or not. We hunker down and conserve our energy, eat all the chocolate we can find and do our best to wait out the storm. It takes something invigorating to get us moving, like drumming or bagpipes - martial sounds that really appeal to our "base" natures.
Tamarind soup with lentils and carrots
Doesn't just looking at warm, rich colours cheer you and warm you up suddenly? Colours associated with the Root Chakra include dark reds, browns and black, like the Indian Blanket flowers above. And like this tamarind and lentil soup I made for myself last night.

A little information on the Root Chakra. If you're feeling a bit of Cabin Fever, it may help to explore and celebrate this chakra.

Techniques to open the Root Chakra
Using the body makes you more aware of it. The Root chakra, being the first chakra, is the most physical one. This means that any activity that makes one more aware of the body, will strengthen this chakra. This particularly goes for physical activity. One can do sports, martial arts, walking, yoga, Tai Chi, it all helps. But also house cleaning. Or just stomping your feet upon the ground, marching, and doing squats.
This chakra is also known as a storehouse for a fiery energy that, if awakened, rises up the spine, illuminating all the chakras. In the Hindu tradition, this dormant energy is known as the "kundalini" or "serpent fire." This spiritual flame within can be rekindled by drumming, thereby igniting the Rainbow Fire of a fully activated chakra system. With the rising of the kundalini and the activation of succeeding chakras, an individual becomes more highly conscious and spiritually transformed.

The Root chakra is particularly about connecting to the ground. When your Root chakra is closed too far, you may actually feel that your feet don't seem to really touch the ground. This is an exercise to strengthen this connection to the ground. Stay in this position for several minutes:
Stand up straight and relaxed.

Waiting for Spring

Put your feet shoulder width apart.
Slightly bend your knees.
Put your pelvis somewhat forward.

Keep your body balanced, so that your weight is evenly distributed over the soles of your feet.
Sink your weight downward.

Feeding Your Root Chakra
- Root vegetables: carrots, potatoes, parsnips, radishes, beets, onions, garlic, etc.
- Protein-rich foods: eggs, meats, beans, tofu, soy products, peanut butter
- Spices: horseradish, hot paprika, chives, cayenne, pepper

Back to stitching up that binding.

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