Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sketchy details

A very quick post tonight as it's already past my bedtime.

Paper piecing isn't working out so well right now. It's one of those weeks where nothing is going right and I'm better off to walk away from the sewing machine and do something else. I keep ending up short of the seam allowance - because I'm trying to guess at the sizes I need and use up a pile of scraps instead of cutting each piece the proper size (and admitting that just about all of my scraps are too small for the pattern I want to make.)

Anyway, I'm sketching out a design I want to make to celebrate the end of our mortgage in May. Hooray! Third house I've had, first mortgage we've paid off. I thought that deserved a little wall hanging. I'm still working on the sketch, but I'd better start working on it soon if I want to have it done on time.

Brown is the colour of Spring in this part of British Columbia. The snow disappears and everything is covered with last year's dust or mud. It'll take a few rainfalls before the hills turn green. That will last for about a month and then the sun and heat will turn everything brown again. That's the way we love it.

The Bobsey Twins were watching the action in the backyard apple tree through the kitchen window earlier this week.They're indoor cats, but come Summer I'll put harnesses on them and attach them to the leads in the backyard so they can enjoy some fresh air while I work in the yard.

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