Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhug Day

Don’t know if it’s a happy one, but it is what it is. We have a resident weather prognosticator in our house – Rusty the Groundhug. His fur is so long that it makes his legs look short, making him a groundhugger. Mr. ZQ gave him that nickname. Ginger is the Bedbug (she loves bedtime!), and Rusty is the Groundhug. He can prognosticate as good as any furry little critter with sharp claws.

14Feb2groundhug1 You want me to do what? Oh. is It that time of the year already?

14Feb2groundhug2 Hmmmmmm…..

14Feb2groundhug3 Jumping juncos, that looks colder than my breakfast, I didn’t see that! I didn’t see that!

14Feb2groundhug4 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

14Feb2barneslake I think winter is frozen in place here for the next few weeks. That suits these guys just fine. They’ve been grumbling that the past few weeks have been too warm (one or two degrees above freezing) for them to drive over a frozen lake. This is Canada – if there’s a frozen lake, creek, driveway, pipe, we’ll find a pasttime to suit it. These guys are part of an organized sport whose members have been racing their cars on this lake for over 40 years. Whatever!

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  1. Oh yes, that is Canadian. My husband's cousin used to ice race until one day he broke through!