Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fabric rescue

14Feb22fab Yes, fabric rescue is another one of those things that I do in my spare time because somebody’s got to do it. My favourite LQS, Katja's Quilt Shop in Kamloops was having an inventory sale with lots of half priced fabric that no one wanted, so I sacrificed my Saturday in order to adopt as much of it as I could! Of course, I had to fight off several other quilters to rescue my fair share. But I got some beauties who will be loved and appreciated as the newest members of my stash. Actually, this is a Christmas present from Mr. ZQ, who gave me a fabric shopping spree. I immediately looked up the date of this annual sale and marked it on the calendar. It caused quite a stir when Mr. ZQ came into the shop and paid for my purchase 14Feb22planet in front of all of the other ladies. The comments from the back of the line indicated that, even if just for that one moment, Mr. ZQ had become the most Desirable Man in the World! He is to me, all the time.

I’ve been putting in just about every spare hour I have on Chaos Under the Heavens. I was hoping to have it finished today so I could give it to the recipient tomorrow, but that’s not going to happen. I still have a bit more FMQ to do, which translates into at least six more hours. The binding will be another three or four.And I have to work tomorrow, so… maybe Monday.

14Feb22star I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to quilt it. I looked for all of the images that I could find of Mariner’s Stars, but not many of them were quilted. I did find a handful, though, and they gave me some ideas. In the end, I sort of went with the first idea that came to me as I worked on the different parts of the design. Not that they’re unique by any means, but I think they enhance the design. I guess we’ll see when I wash it. And yes, looking at the pictures I also realize that I missed a few bits that I’m going to have to go back and fill in,

My goodness, look at all that CAT HAIR! You’d never know that I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, and cleaned it some more before I sewed. The recipient has two cats and I’m sure wouldn’t mind a hairy quilt, but his cats might.

That stuff gets everywhere! On the way home from Katja’s with my brand new fabric – I found CAT HAIR on it. I carry tons of it with me wherever I go. There’s no escape.

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