Monday, November 26, 2012

Manic Mondays

12Nov26sample1 This will be a quickie post – otherwise, it’ll probably be Wednesday or later before I’ll have time. Hmmmm, and Wednesday is a Full Moon, I just noticed. Full at 6 Gemini. Jupiter, at 11 Gemini, is close by, and many of the other planets are sitting in the early stages of their houses, meaning there is a lot of interaction this week.In other words, BUSY! Mars and Uranus are squared, and have been for the past week, so the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) should be careful: arguments, accidents, frustrations are common right now, and will be until the end of the month. Today Mercury is going Direct. It’s been Retrograde (backwards) since Nov. 6.

Well, I hadn’t intended an astrological post, but there you are. Stuff happens! Actually, I wanted to post my November Free Motion Challenge before the month is over and I’ve missed it. It’s been done for days.

12Nov26sample2 This month’s challenge was given to us by quilter Sarah Vedeler who had our heads and hands swirling. I love swirls, but I’m still having trouble keeping those curves even. Not as easy as it looks. I did several practice runs over two weeks, and I’m a little frustrated (see? Mars/Uranus!) that my last practice attempt looked pretty much like my first practice attempt. But sooner or later, the practice has to yield the final work. so here it is. Big swirls, little swirls and connecting “S” swirls.

As usual, even though they may look far from perfect, this month’s challenge has given me the start of a new and useful quilting design. Thank you Sarah, and thank you SewCal Gal for organizing this 12-month challenge. For Sarah’s tutorial, and to see everyone else’s examples of this challenge, go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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