Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making the hard decisions

12Nov7practise I’m getting behind in my posts again, but it’s full steam ahead at Santa’s workshop – also known as my diningroom. I’ve been practicing November’s Free Motion Quilting Challenge as a prelude to quilting several projects that need to be done before Christmas. This month Sarah Vedeler has us doing basic spirals. I love the look of them – well, I love the look of hers – but mine are still looking pretty boxy. More practice.

12Nov7ginger I’m also working on not one, but two bags at the moment. Yeesh! What have I done? I started on one that I’ve been planning for months, and all of a sudden decided to put together another one right out of the blue! Here is Ginger modelling the second one behind her on the loveseat. It’s going to be a really basic file carrier, open at the top. I’m hoping that means it goes together quickly. I saw some music-themed remnants in the bin at Fabricland over the weekend and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

12Nov7plana The “first” bag is finally coming together now that I’ve decided on a colour combination. The lady I’m making it for said she likes black and white. And blue. And who knows what else? So I decided to make her a black and white bag. I love the fabrics, but, bleh. I don’t know if she would have liked it, but as soon as I cut the pieces, I knew it wasn’t right. Since they’re already cut, I think I’ll use them for the lining. It actually didn’t take me long to 12Nov7planb come up with the blue polka dots and black paisley – more remnants that have been hanging around here for months. The blue ties in nicely with both of them. It’s surprising how well they look together. Tonight I was ironing on the fusible fleece; tomorrow morning I should be able to start stitching this one together. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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  2. I'm working on my spirals now. I've quilted spirals before but these are much more compact than what I'm used to. I'm still drawing on paper but hope to have them sewn on fabric very soon! Love your kitties! My cat is always in the middle of everything!