Monday, July 30, 2012

Why I practice

12July30pattern Or, Why I practice so much using cheap (ugly) material! For over a week now, I’ve been trying to make this cute little coin purse with a zipper. I found a free pattern on the web and thought they looked simple enough – even for me. Maybe too simple.

12July30A My first attempt, I didn’t use interfacing, but added a late of canvas to give it body. A little too much body. I couldn’t figure out from the instructions or the pictures where the purse’s two pieces went in relation to the zipper, and the canvas made it impossible to manipulate.

12July30B I got a little further with my second attempt. Pulled the zipper off of attempt #1 and managed to get everything where it was supposed to go. But it looked pretty rough and the zipper didn’t line up the way it should have. It wasn’t closing properly. I didn’t finish it, either.

12July30C The first two attempts gave me enough to think about and I made a number of modifications to the pattern which included two cloth tabs at either end of the zipper so it wasn’t opening and closing right at the stitch line. That made using the zipper so much easier. It was supposed to have velcro closures on it as well, but I messed those up and had to remove them. The final attempt 12July30C2 still turned out more bulky that I like, making me think there’s still a better way to make this without using so much fabric. However, I’ve put my bag patterns away for the time being so I can concentrate on finishing up a quilt. Stay tuned for pictures.

If you are wondering why I’m so wrapped up in zippers these days, it’s because12July30C3 they factor heavily into my plans for Christmas presents. Less than five months to go until Christmas! I don’t know if I’m giving myself enough time. (After all, this quilt I’m working on was supposed to be finished last June!) Guess I’d better get back at it.

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  1. I use a lot of my old stash when I want to try out a new block. This gives me a better perspective of the colors.....of course I end up with LOTS of orphan blocks.