Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This quilt has legs

12Aug1mexicanstarquilt Or feet. Which are attached to legs. See those cute toes at the bottom of the picture? My partner was holding up the quilt so I could take it. It just doesn’t look as good when you have to lay it on the floor.

So, at what point does a quilt become a UFO (UnFinished Object)? I hear many quilters refer to their UFOs – usually while they are finishing them – and I wondered if any of my “work in progress” flimsies qualified. Guess we all have our favourite euphemisms.

I started this one over a year ago as a housewarming gift.Yep, still working on it. Was hoping to get it done this week, but that’s not gonna happen. I still have borders to attach, quilting and binding. The borders and binding I could get done, but the quilting will take a bit more time. And now I want to add a couple of co-12Aug1quiltbooboo ordinated lap quilts.

I suppose one of the reasons it took me so long to get back to working on this quilt is because I knew those inner borders were going to be finicky. I unpicked and restitched the second one I put on. The third went on surprisingly well. The last one…I took it off and sewed it back on three and a half times, trying to get it to line up. It’s still not perfect, but it’s not near as bad as this picture. I’m pretty sure I can “fix” it (another euphemism).

But now it’s going to have to wait until I get back from travelling. I’ll be back in two weeks (with thousands of pictures!). I’m hoping that I can use my laptop to keep blogging, but we’ll see how free time and free wifi match up.

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