Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nothing like a quilt show

I played hooky from work on Friday afternoon! Unheard of, but since I was starting holidays next week and I’d been training my replacement for almost a month, I felt like I could afford a little time off. My neighbour and friend, Judy, really wanted to go, and it was her birthday on Thursday. Her sister was visiting from Calgary, so the three of us drove to Lillooet, about an hour’s drive away. It was a nice little show, with some obviously very talented members of the Lillooet Quilter’s Guild.

I didn’t count them, but there were probably about 50 or 60 quilts there in St. Andrew’s Church. Of course, I took pictures of some of my favourites.

12July22ArthurStathers Love the cats! You probably recognize this pattern. Crazy Cats by C. Arthur-Stathers. Quilted by Connie Rackow: 66x80. Buggy Barn pattern. This is just a small part of the quilt.







12July22Cook Kaleidoscope by Donna Cook. Quilted by Connie Rackow. “Quilt was done using 2.5 inch strips."









12July22Evans1 Quail Family by Helen Evans. 30.5x16. Pattern by Log Cabin Quiltworks.




12July22Gallant1 Mystery Quilt by Carol Gallant: 82x100 "We did 1 star per week"






12July22Gallant2  Round Robin Quilt by Carol Gallant and Friends. Quilted by Connie Rackow: 86x100. "Feathered star was my centre and the five participants added a border each. I had provided all the fabric."




12July22KipperAll Cooped Up by Vi Kipper. 35x37. McKenna Ryan's patterns 'Pineneedles'. This is just one of the squares.








12July22Ritchie Memories in Lace by Lynn Ritchie. Quilted by Shari Evans. "I have always wanted a crazy quilt. A labor of love." This is just a little piece of the quilt.



12July22Evans3 Snowy Days by Helen Evans. 66x66. Crapapple Hill Design.






12July22Evans2c Growing Fish Assortment by Helen Evans. 55.5x46. Inspired by Susan Carlson's books "Freestyle Quilts" Ever now and then a few more fish get added to the assortment."



12July22Gallant3 Circle Fun by Carol Gallant and Connie Rackow: 32x40. "This was a Barb Tuemp lesson. Leaving the hall after cutting this out, the wind caught my board and blew my pieces everywhere. So, I pieced it as best as possible and Connie did the applique.”

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