Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In keeping with the season

11Nov29rusty I can’t stick to a plan. It just doesn’t work out that way. I have very little routine in my life these days, so I take whatever the moment offers me. If it says “clean house”, that’s what I do. If it says “bake”, I’ll go for it.When it says “sew”, I’m all over it. But what to sew is something totally different. I have 895 million projects on the go right now and sometimes it’s hard to make a choice between what I really should be doing and what I really feel like doing. And I have to admit that Rusty and Ginger are really no help at all in situations like this.

11Nov29newmats 11Jan13a Last year I made mug rugs for my co-workers. This year, I’m expanding on that – meaning, I’m making them each two more to go with the two I made last year. I have my first set almost finished. Even I’m astonished. I may get them done in time this year. Last year I was stitching right up until the last possible moment. I started off last week trying to make a set of microwave mitts, and ended it finishing off the first set of “rugs”. I’m just about to tack down the binding. They’re to go with these that I made last year.

11Nov29mitt My microwave mitt ended up looking like a lumpy potato. I was looking at some beautiful mitts over the weekend at a craft fair and the woman who made them did a beautiful job. They were lovely and even and the absolute opposite of mine. (That’s why I practice on old scraps of fabric first.) I went searching for more online information about how to make them, and re-read the instructions VERY CAREFULLY this time, and discovered where I went wrong. I’ll try making another one soon

11Nov29snow I’m afraid the tree skirt won’t be done for this Christmas. Maybe next year. I’ve been trying to get into the Christmas mood, but the chilly weather isn’t doing it. We’ve had a bit of snow, but it comes and then it goes. There is none to be seen at the moment, but we had lots of rain over the weekend. I can’t just pop in a Christmas movie to get into the spirit because my RETIRED partner is home whenever I am and usually watching the television. I may be reduced this year to watching my favourite Christmas movies on my laptop.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I can put my laptop on the table with my sewing machine and, as long as the cats don’t sit on it – and how likely is it that they won’t be attracted to something I’m staring at…? It needs a little more planning, but… Did I say plan? Hmmmmm.

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