Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I’d rather be on a beach

DSC_1432 With my sewing machine. Because I’m not getting a lot done here. Besides my 50-plus hour a week job, I make and print note cards, business cards, photographs, etc. for a bit of extra cash. Some months are busier than others, and November has been pretty busy so far. As I write this, I’m running some Christmas cards off on my other computer. And then there’s my partner, who has become a television addict since he retired two and a half months ago. If I want to sit at my sewing machine, I have to at least listen to whatever he’s watching, and it’s driving me a bit nuts. I need a good set of headphones to drown it out.

11Nov16a   Nonetheless, I continue to work on a few things. I began to quilt my cabin under the stars. As usual, I did more un-stitching than anything else. Could have been 11Nov16b partly because of the crummy old fabric I used as backing. My “pebbles” look kind of funky. Not very round, but acceptable. I used a variegated Mettler thread for them. Then I tried a simple leaf and look design on the background and ran into tension troubles that I couldn’t ignore. I’ve finally got all the threads out, but I need some time without the television on in order to concentrate on my FMQ.

I’m also working on some Christmas present mug rugs for co-workers and some fingertip potholders that might become Christmas presents. I’ll be happy if I just get them done in time for this Christmas. And maybe I’ll find time to send some Christmas cards this year too. When reindeer fly.

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