Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warm and fluffies

11Oct26RG1 Rusty and Ginger are 2 years old this week!

They were a Christmas gift from my partner in 2009 - I had asked him for a "cat" - he interpreted that as "kitten" and, even better, thought I had asked for two. Leaving his Christmas shopping typically until the last minute, on the morning of Christmas Eve he asked his office staff if any of them knew where he could get two free kittens! As fate would have it, one of his co-worker’s parents-in-law had two kittens left over unspoken for from a little of eight-week old barn kitties. So her partner drove to his parent’s farm and rounded up the two little furballs and gave them to my fella, who brought them home Christmas Eve.

11Oct27RG3They spent the night huddled under the couch. The next morning I was able to entice Ginger out with a kitty toy - a long piece of faux fur on a wand that she could chase and jump after (and later ate). Rusty was intrigued, but just watched from under the couch. It took him a little longer to venture out.

11Oct27RG4 I wanted a companion for Miao Yin, who had lost all of her friends in 2008. For over a dozen years we were a family of four cats and two adults, moving our household four times, but always with our cats. Then in 2008, my oldest and dearest friend of 22 years, Sid, passed away, not unexpectedly, but then Monkey and Bits followed a few months later at 13 years of age. Miao's best friend was Monkey and she missed him. She was a very social girl and I wanted a companion or two for her so that she wouldn't be alone all day.

11Oct27Rusty 11Oct27RG5 11Oct27RGinger  The kittens loved her, and they stuck to her like glue. I didn't realize at the time that she was sick. She tried to avoid them but Rusty loved his Auntie Miao and ran to her side whenever he saw her. I think that if she hadn't been feeling so ill, she would have loved them back – she started to play with them at least 11Oct27RG6a couple of times and then stopped. Six weeks after they arrived she died of kidney failure.

It's been just the two of them since then, and they're still very close to each other - and to us. They're my babies and I love them, so happy birthday my sweethearts!

11Oct27RG7 There was a New Moon earlier today (Oct. 26) at 3 Scorpio. That means the Moon and Sun are conjunct and an the same degree of the constellation. The Moon is more comfortable in some signs than others. It is not at home in Scorpio, and Scorpio natives have a hard time expressing their feelings. The saying, Still waters run deep describes them to a T.

However, New Moons are still a good time to start new projects. Pluto creates intensity, focus and a good dose of compulsive behaviour. Channel it in a positive way and you can accomplish a lot of work and hone some new skills in the process. It’s also a good time to clean out your stash and get rid of all the stuff that you can’t stand anymore. The sign favours patterns that do not readily reveal themselves; Scorpio colours are red, black and metallic.

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