Monday, October 10, 2011

Shine on Harvest Moon

11Oct11quilt Some progress made on my Mexican Star. Three more blocks, I think, and then I’ll find a fabric to frame them, and add a border. Will I jinx it if I say I might get this puppy done before Christmas? Touch wood.

Well, it wasn’t as bad as other years, but we still ate too much and had too much fun. No turkey was harmed for this vegetarian’s Thanksgiving, but several turnips, rutabagas and carrots were killed and mashed. Made a tasty pilaf with raisins, cranberries and apples from our backyard tree. Main course was roasted tofu with jerk sauce, and pumpkin pie (of course!) to top it off.

Invited our next door neighbours and friends over. After dinner we got out the playing cards and were having a good time until I noticed that Rusty was nowhere in sight. That was unusual, so we looked all over the house, every nook and cranny and favourite hidey hole of his. Ginger was no help at all. In fact, she seemed quite happy to have that persistent pain in the neck gone. The two of them were born and weaned in a barn two years ago. They’ve been with us ever since, but they’re still somewhat shy, Rusty much more so than Ginger. They both bounced back quickly when Judy came over tonight, but when her husband Stuart came over a short while later, Rusty disappeared like Houdini. We interrupted our card game several times to call him and look for him, remembering how, while still a kitten, he managed to crawl through an air vent and into the duct work. Thankfully, he turned around and came back to the sound of me tapping his food dish.

11Oct11rusty But not this time. He was good and gone. After our friends left, we looked again. I found him right away under the bed downstairs. Where I’d looked several times. He blends in like a chamaeleon, the little snot. So, all is well again and hopefully that will be the extent of our Full Moon adventures.

The Wolf Moon, the Snow Moon, the Worm Moon, the Pink Moon, the Flower Moon, the Strawberry Moon, the Buck Moon, the Sturgeon Moon, the Harvest Moon, the Hunter's Moon, the Beaver Moon, and the Cold Moon.

Everyone recognizes the Harvest Moon - the full moon closest to the fall equinox, thus named because it rises within a half-hour of when the sun sets. And this year’s Harvest Moon is tomorrow night, Tues., Oct. 11, at 18 Aries.

"Corn and grain, corn and grain, All that falls shall rise again."                                - Wiccan Harvest Chant

We’re off to Vancouver Island tomorrow for a few days to visit family. No more quilting until I get back, but I might run into a fabric shop or two.

Until next time,

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  1. Your Mexican Star quilt is looking awesome! I love the colors you are using. So glad Rusty wasn't far!! The other night I had to look outside for Scooter with a flashlight!! Luckily, I found him, but I needed to go lay down after cuz of the stress it caused!! Sarge has learned to open the back patio door if it's not locked and the door was open so out Scooter wondered!!! Pretty sure Sarge may have done it on purpose! LOL!