Monday, August 29, 2011

Crazy weekend

It’s been one of those weeks. I haven’t even been at my sewing machine, although I did manage to get this done. 11Aug29bag

Yay for me! Not just a bag but a zipper to boot! Okay, so it isn’t even close to perfect. It’s done and the next one I make will be even better. I followed this tutorial at Crafty Gemini .

I haven't gotten back to the Mexican Star yet. I have so many beautiful fabrics to choose from now, I can't decide which to use! I’m thinking that I’m going to have to make some sample blocks to help make up my mind.

It's been a more than usual hectic week, with a slam bang finish. I cracked the whip at work (doesn't happen too often) and told everyone that I had to be out of the office on Friday (Friday at 8 pm as it turned out). I wasn’t working Saturday or Sunday this week, because my partner's retirement party was Saturday night - in the town where he's been working for the past 3-plus years, which is a 90 minute drive from here. It was also moving day as he maintained a small apartment there during the week and came home on weekends.

Sunday I drove home because a volunteer group I belong to held its first annual Yard and Garden Tour. We were happy with the way it turned out. But it was HOT. I  walked from yard to yard and, much as I hate to say it, I think I overdid the sun - and the walking. My feet still ache (because I wasn't wearing socks!) and I was awakened three times last night by leg cramps. I certainly overdid the eating at the potluck supper we had after the Tour, and today I'm not feeling so great.

I11Aug29ginger missed commenting on the New Moon Saturday night – I think it was it that delivered the coup d'grace to me. Too much activity on Sunday and today I can barely move.

The New Moon occurred at 5 Virgo around 8 pm PST. It landed right on my Pluto/Venus conjunction and triggered most of the other planets in my natal chart. I probably should have at least bought a lottery ticket, but I didn’t think of it. Virgo relates to health matters, co-workers and pets and a New Moon is a good time for a new beginning in any of these areas. Virgos are also notoriously picky, which is not a bad thing when you’re working on a quilt. They’re good at working patiently on the details. Virgo colours are dark brown, green and navy blue.

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