Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stash bustin’

This week I earned brownie points for using up the last of this green fabric that I bought three years ago. That's why we buy fabric, right? To u11July13mexicanstarse it up? Otherwise, it becomes part of an overwhelming fabric collection. Unfortunately, I used it up unexpectedly and ran out after making only six of nine squares. I checked out a couple of local fabric stores, but it wasn’t in stock anymore.

But that wasn’t exactly a bad thing, because after making four Mexican Star blocks, I decided that my colour combination wasn’t working for me – the purple is too prominent. So, I decided on a new combination and then had to …. uh, order more fabric. It should be here next week, including more of 11Aug5close this yummy yellow which I'm just about out of after using it up on these quilt squares whose fate now lies in limbo.

I used another green and did three more blocks to make nine, and actually, I like the green fabric I used in the last three blocks. It blends in better with the purple. Maybe not all that surprising, as both the purple and second green fabric are Laurel Burch designs. It measures about 32 inches square or 56 inches on the diagonal.

So I've used up half a metre of fabric and bought 11 more – sounds about right to me! (Look at that clean carpet – it’s amazing what you can do with Photoshop!)

11Aug5Rusty I think Rusty is giving it a Thumbs Down! Or is he just practicing his scary Hallowe’en Face? It didn’t stop him and Ginger from playing on it all afternoon.

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  1. Hi! First time visitor to your blog. I think the quilt you made for your aunt is beautiful and so appropriate for her from the story you shared. I also love the Mexican Star block, my husband is Mexican and I would love to someday make a bed quilt for us using that pattern. I found it at Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache website.
    Keep on quilting!