Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fabric call

11Aug21RF New fabric just unexpectedly arrived a few days ago – not! I ordered an assortment of Northcott’s new Rain Forest line. I love the design although I wish they were a heavier weight. The lightness makes them curl a bit, but I suppose they’ll be fine when everything is said and done. Now I have lots of choices for my Mexican Star. Actually, I liked the old one I did, especially after I added the different green – the darker fabric really added a nice touch, I thought. But, running out of the yellow-green fabric was kind of a deal breaker.

So, I’ll turn the old squares into a separate project and start again.

All those beautiful tropical prints made me “go native” and I added a few more metres to my stash – some orange and yellow paisleys from R & B Textiles and Guatemalan Daisies from Robert 11Aug21fabric Kaufman.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on my zippered pouch. I finished cross hatch quilting last night using the Border Guide Foot. I’ve never cross hatched before. My friend Judy tells me it's the easiest way to quilt, but I've never done it before, so required a bit of study first. Nothing is easy when you've never done it before - thank goodness for the internet! 

Way back when (2009), I leaned the basics from a couple of wonderful ladies in our local quilt guild. But after trying it out for a year, they stopped meeting at night and went back to meeting only during the day. Since I work during the day and couldn't attend, I had to quit. But I really wanted to make quilts and so I researched whatever I wanted to know on the internet. Thank goodness for Google and Youtube! I learned a great deal from both, and Judy, my neighbour and partner in crime keeps me challenged and interested.

11Aug21cats My pouch doesn't look that good, but it’s just a practice run made with donated pieces of fabric that aren't necessarily my favourites. I’ve sewn the batting together from little strips from other projects, for one thing. I think most people who quilt are the same - we don't like to waste our resources. I guess that’s why I hate cutting into new fabric – what if I ruin it? You think I’d be used to that by now.

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