Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A truce with my sewing machine

Keeping the kitchen safe from spiders
Not too much happening on the sewing machine at the moment, but the tension issues seem to have resolved themselves for the time being. I finished my stippling last week with only a few loose top threads and while I'm not totally happy with it, it's the best I can do right now. I could rip out all of the stitches - again - but I'll be working on the same quilt for the next 10 years. I had bought a different thread to do the border, but decided to take the easy way out and stick to the same brand of thread (different colour) and avoid further tension hassles.
Don't really like the stitches though. Wow, so what else is new? They're very uneven as usual. I'm still trying to get my hands and feet moving together, and that doesn't seem to happen too often. I haven't gotten too far with the border, so I am thinking of taking those stitches out and starting again.
Our town's annual classic car summer weekend
Speaking of tension, there's a Full Moon coming up tomorrow. Even people who know absolutely nothing about astrology usually recognize a Full Moon as being a day of stress, of tension, when people often collide. Full Moons happen once a month as the Moon and Sun stand opposite each other, unlike a New Moon where the Moon and Sun cozy up to each other in the same sign. The New Moon is a conjunction, the Full Moon is an opposition and this one involves the Moon at 15 Sagittarius and the Sun at 15 Gemini, the Ninth and Third Houses of the Zodiac. Watch for problems with long distance travel or arguments over philosophy and religion.
Most Sagittarians I know also love sports, and tomorrow night is the final game of the Stanley Cup series. (That's hockey, eh?) I'm glad I don't live in Vancouver.
I'll have much more fun stuff to share in my next blog, I promise.
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