Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I’d rather be sewing

11June28cats I’m in love!

My new sewing machine is an inspiration. I feel like I’m working with a partner rather than fighting with an obstinate mule. I’m still picking out lots of stitches and going through needles like never before as I figure this gal out… I’m not new to computers by any stretch, but this is the first computerized sewing machine I've ever had.It takes a bit of getting used to through lots of playtime.

Last night I cut the binding for my lap quilt, cut out the templates for a Christmas Tree skirt (yes, Christmas), and finished picking out the stitches on a table mat from last year so I can re-do the free motion on the Horizon (broke a needle on that project this morning). I’ll take pictures when I have something worth showing.

There were a lot of features on the machine that I thought I'd be using a lot, but the 150 different stitches weren't among them. So what was the first thing I sewed when I got it set up? Yeah, I played with the fancy stitches.

11June28Ginger Rusty and Ginger can park themselves on top of the machine and watch me sew now and it doesn't interrupt my work like it did with the old machine where they were sitting right on the thread. They like it.

Have I mentioned there’s a New Moon at 9 Cancer along with a partial solar eclipse coming up on July 1? Happy Canada Day to my fellow countrypersons! Cancereans are known for being family-oriented homebodies. If you know a Cancerean quilter, you may not see much of them for the next few weeks. And if you do, tread lightly because Pluto and Saturn are weighing heavily on their shoulders. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and favours all domestic crafts. It’s a good time to create a quilt with or for family members – perhaps a memory quilt. Pearl, silver, light gray and pale pastels are Cancerean colours. Watery themes are favoured.

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