Thursday, October 3, 2013


13Oct3mariner I’ve been clipping along on my mariner’s star, but earlier this week I hit a major snag. I was planning to shift the colours from black to purple-pink to golden as they went from top to bottom, using what fabrics I have – and while the changes aren’t very subtle, I kind of like it. However…

The pattern is foundation-pieced and it limits any gradual shading by pre-determining the shapes of the pieces. It adds more of a challenge, but I’m okay with that.

13Oct3rusty BUT, there’s this teensy-weensy little piece… It sticks out like a sore thumb when I look at it (doesn’t need it, but I drew an arrow pointing to it). I made it black and I think I should have made it purple-pink. The problem is, because it’s foundation-pieced, I have to take apart several sections in order to replace it. That’s the type of thing that will make this quilt a UFO faster than anything else. I’m thinking that maybe I will keep working on the rest of the quilt and delay making a decision until I’m ready to sew it all together.

Rusty was trying to help. As soon as I snapped the first picture, he was helping. 13Oct3pumpkins Perhaps he was trying to cover up the problem area. I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him so, but his aim is way off.

Fall is definitely here, but we’ve been getting unseasonal cool temperatures. Like, Brrrrr! Down to near freezing in the mornings, and not a whole lot of warming up by the afternoon. Not much getting done in the backyard, but it does make for some pretty pictures. I spent last 13Oct3goat Sunday at Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft. They’ve expanded their public viewing area and they’ve done a fantastic job of it. They’re becoming quite popular, with the new retail store with bedding plants, freshly harvested vegetables from their fields, the goats and horses that the kids (and kid-like adults) love, nicely arranged old farm equipment and more. You can spend a day down there and not be bored.

I can spend a day down there just taking pictures, It’s my type of place. When I was a child growing up in Ontario, my dad used to take us out onto the county roads for a Sunday drive and we’d usually end up at a farmers’ co-op or a retail store attached to a farm, where we’d buy pumpkins and gourds and Indian corn and fresh apple juice. I’d glad to see that tradition carrying on.

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