Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lookin’ good

13Sept26deck I said to Mr. ZQ halfway through the house renovations this summer that we’re “building our retirement home”, and it suddenly came to us that that was exactly what we were doing. We paid off our mortgage about three years ago, Mr. ZQ retired two years ago, and this year something snapped in our little home-owner brains and we decided that our long-neglected house needed some major fix ups.

13Sept26greenhouse First, the furnace, hot water tank and air conditioner, then removal of that ugly DIY fireplace, with brand new painting and hardwood livingroom floor, then replacement of every one of the windows, a sidewalk of paving bricks to finish off the front yard, and matching paving bricks in the backyard for a brand new patio area, pavers for the fire pit and more for the future greenhouse. Then a “little” touch up of the deck with a new roof, aluminum railings and vinyl decking. And finally, a little 6x12 greenhouse next to the garden is the last of this year’s renovations – just happening as we speak. The house has been a long time without any work – 42 years later and the same furnace! – and it was long overdue. We aren’t regretting any one of the renos that we’ve had done so far.

13Sept26mariner We already know that next year we need to paint the house and replace the roof! But this week, I got back to quilting, finally. Like the guy who did our deck, I have so many projects building up, waiting for me to finish this one, that I need to get moving on it and git ‘er done! This is the top third of the flimsy. Already have more done on the next later. Like our renos, I think it’s going to look pretty good when it’s finished. The pattern is called Sailing By The Stars and it’s a free foundation-piece pattern by RJR Fabrics. I’ve done a few modifications, which I’ll explain later on in case anyone is interested.

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  1. Your place is looking wonderful. We will be working on the outside after next week. Then it will be finishing up the inside. Want to be done by April.