Thursday, September 12, 2013

A day at the Fair

We had our annual Fall Fair last weekend. It’s held inside the arena and always attracts a crowd. Loads of music, entertainment, food and, of course, entries of home made and hand made crafts. Well, not exactly loads anymore. Entries have, unfortunately, been declining over the past few years, like everything else. The canning section was the smallest I’ve seen it in 11 years. Same with the baking. Photography was way down. Vegetables and Fruit were slightly down. Home made beer and wine had the first entries that I’ve seen in five years (lol!).

But the quilting section keeps going! The local quilters are a diehard bunch who are intent to keep at least that part of the Fair going. There aren’t a lot of quilts – and no, once again I had nothing to enter – but it’s always a nice showing. If you’d like to see, I didn’t write down the various categories, but I managed to take the following pictures:






Ist place, Joyce Deering











1st place, Gail Koop










2nd place, Kim Littlewood











2nd place, Michelle Allen











2nd place, Joyce Deering











2nd place, Michelle Allen










3rd place, Kim LIttlewood








And there you have it. One of these days our house renovations will be done for the year, and I can at least make my sewing space usable once more. Fingers crossed.

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