Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin bush

12Oct15punks Not wool. Craft felt. I had a pile of craft felt that made its intentions known to me last week. I’ve seen so many beautiful quilts, bags and wall hangings made out of wool in various blogs that I wished to make something similar. I have no wool, but I have lots of felt that I bought last year when the grandchildren were planning to visit. That visit got cancelled, and the felt abandoned. I haven’t worked with felt in probably 50 or so years, but I began to see possibilities for it recently.

And with Hallowe’en coming up, I thought I’d sew together some really simple pumpkin sachets – two pieces of felt with a smaller piece of batting in between. Two eyes, a nose and a mouth and a drop of scented oil on the batting. Stitched together with a loop for hanging, and voila! I made little pumpkins for several friends who received them today. The Cat and Zombie Ghost are for co-workers. 12Oct15all Some rather fiddly work, but it was fun. But I found out that it’s not easy to iron fusible web to craft felt, and that you need a lot of patience (and fingernails) to finally separate the web from the paper because the felt likes to separate in layers if you don’t get it just right. But it’s all good and makes for a little bit of holiday fun.

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