Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finding time

12Oct27jack Here’s a little craft felt piece that I’ve been trying to get to for weeks. It’s just from a random Hallowe’en image that I found on the internet. I finally got it put together last night. It isn’t stitched yet. This is such a busy time of the year for everyone – it’s hard to juggle the time so that I can have more than 10 minutes to sew.

12Oct27ginger So I do what I can and try to take advantage of what time I have. It’s Saturday morning and I have to finish this up quickly because I have to get to work. Maybe I’ll get it done tomorrow morning.

And there’s Ginger practicing her best Hallowe’en face! Actually, Rusty and Ginger get locked in the basement on Hallowe’en night. No, it’s a basement, not a dungeon! Their part of the basement has two rooms, including the guest bedroom with a nice, comfy queen-sized bed and a window so they can watch the excitement if they want to. Don’t want my indoor kitties running off into the night while we’re handing out candy. I think they prefer the basement.

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