Monday, October 29, 2012

Between one holiday and the next

12Oct29MR1 I got to drive home from work tonight by the light of a great big silvery full moon! Amazing, really, when you think that we’ve had rain just about every night for the past two weeks. It’s beautiful and clear tonight.

I was going through some of the stacks and bags of fabric, patterns, magazines, etc. around my sewing area last week and I uncovered these mug rugs – again. Christmas presents for a co-worker that I started earlier this year, like January, and never finished. I had 12Oct29MR2 nothing better to do, so I finished the applique. Just have to cut some batting and find a piece of backing. Too bad that I’ve decided to make her something else for Christmas this year. But she’ll get these as well because they go with the two I gave her last Christmas!

And this caught my eye the other day while I was nosing about in one of our second hand stores. I recognized it immediately because I used to have quite a collection of iron-on transfer patterns when I was a teenager – a shoebox full of 12Oct29vogart1 them. I just know these roosters will come in handy at some point.

Unlike this creepy lass! In keeping with the season, I’ve noticed a few eight-legged monsters creeping onto Blog pages this week. So far, this is the creepiest. Do you have Black Widows where you live? We come across them here all the time. I spotted this young lady a couple of weeks ago in the foyer of a public building. Don’t usually see them in the open like that, and she’s a pretty good size. Glad I didn’t have to deal with her. I try and approach life with a “live and let live” policy, but with Widows, it’s “not in my house”. If they’re outside or in somebody else’s house, they’re fine. But if they’re even touching my house… My partner told me that he had one in his workshop (attached garage) one time that was so big, he 12Oct29widow felt compelled to name it. He called it “Shelob” and let it stay for a few days before he finally did it in. Neither of us like killing anything bigger than a mosquito, but if the alternative is millions of tiny little Black Widow babies, they’ve got to go. Hope this is the closest you get to a Widow!

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