Thursday, September 27, 2012

Off on the wrong foot

12Sept27fmq Right now I’m thinking that zippers are easier than shoving a queen-sized around in a sewing machine! But that’s all right. My Horizon is a beautiful machine. If I could just distract Rusty and Ginger from plunking themselves down on the quilt while I’m trying to pull/push it around under the needle…

12Sept27darning I’ve been practicing  one of the FMQ patterns I wanted to try. Used it as a warm up this morning before I started quilting. Looked not bad. Put a new needle in and shoved Plan B underneath. About 20 seconds later I realized I had the wrong foot on. I usually use a clear plastic cross-hatch for quilting, but this time I thought I’d try the closed-toe darning foot. Mistake. The small metal foot kept catching on every seam – and there are hundreds. I had to keep stopping, raising the presser foot to let the seam underneath it and then continuing. Pain in the neck! The bobbin finally ran out so I could change the foot without interrupting my sewing part way through. Oh well. It’s a very small portion of the quilt compared to the overall size.

My only real concern right now is that the backing covers the entire quilt. I washed the flannelette before I started and had to piece together the backing because it was pretty narrow. Trying to line up the pattern on the flannelette didn’t leave me very much wriggle room on the back. Here’s hoping…

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  1. Your quilting is lovely! I will have to try that pattern. I really love the small circle foot for FMQ. Did you try adjusting the little wheel located by the spring of the foot to reduce the pressure? It's adjustable in very small increments. If you adjust it so the foot just skims the height of the seams you should have an easier time of it. Once it is adjusted to the right height, it will just glide over your quilt :)