Thursday, August 30, 2012

Useful things

12Aug28cat1 I picked this up a few weeks ago from one of the local thrift stores. It looked like a napkin holder and though we already have a napkin holder, we don’t have a genuine custom made wire napkin holder in the shape of a kitty. Have you figured out yet that I’m a sucker for anything with a cat on it? Besides, it was only a buck. It’s been sitting on what used to be the dining room table (until piles of scraps and other sewing paraphernalia made eating there impossible) since I brought it home. I’ve had to endure at least two “Why do we need another napkin holder?” from my partner, and although the 12Aug28cat2 space to store the napkins in is rather small, I really like it.

I was cutting some fabric the other day and wondering where to put my ruler so that it wouldn’t get coverer by the encroaching piles of scraps when I spotted the kitty. Purrfect! It works beautifully, like it was made just for my ruler. Everything has its purpose.

I’ve been working on a few projects these past few weeks, and neither seems to be getting closer to completion. Tonight I reached the point where I need to do 12Aug30fmq some quilting on one of the projects, so I get a chance to practice my FMQ some more. It’s not looking very good at this stage, but this is a part of the bag that won’t really be seen. Hopefully it’ll be looking better by the time I get to the front panel!

Full Moon tomorrow morning – exact around 7 am Pacific Daylight Time at 8 Pisces (and the Sun in Virgo) – water and earth signs. At the same time when the Full Moon is exact, the Moon and Sun will be in good aspect to Mars (5 Scorpio) and Pluto (7 Capricorn), giving sustained momentum to the Full Moon. Qualities which would include harvesting that which duty and devotion carefully sowed.

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