Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She followed me home, honest

12May8bernie I’m a bad, bad blogger in so many ways…

Thank you so much to Karin at The Quilt Yarn who presented me with The Liebster Award waaaay back in April. That was so sweet of her, but in the rush excitement of getting my last post out, I totally forgot to acknowledge her. I have Swiss Cheese for brains. Regardless of my delay in writing about it, I really was touched.Thank you, again.

12May8view1b And so, the problem with putting your words on a blog for the whole world to see, you can’t just revoke them quietly as though they never happened. I, uh *cough* believe I made the comment a few weeks ago that I don’t collect sewing machines. *Sigh* Well, $15 for a Bernina was too much for me to pass up when I saw it at one of the local thrift stores two weeks ago. A Bernina Minimatic 707. It came with everything – several feet, 12May8inspection bobbins, etc. I figured that even if the sewing machine didn’t work, I might be able to make my money back by selling the rest.

Rusty and Ginger inspected it thoroughly for me. Every nook and cranny was examined, after which I gave it a test run. Hmmm. Slight problem, so I oiled it all and checked all the parts and pieces myself. Most of it is in excellent shape. There’s a sticker by the pulleys (which look brand new) that says last full inspection was in 1989. Probably due for another one soon. Maybe sooner than 12May8view2 later, because it definitely needs a replacement part. Yes, I’ve heard how difficult it is to get parts. But I’m hoping. I think the problem is this plastic cog. She runs just fine for a few seconds and then slows and stops – it seems to coincide with the rotation of this cog. If it can’t be fixed, I guess some other Minimatic owner will benefit from the spare parts she’ll provide. Won’t know until I can get her into a repair shop in a few weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

Until then, Rusty and Ginger making good use of the Big Tote I recently made.

12May8Cats Until next time,

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  1. Geraldine WalkingtonJune 7, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    Think I replied on the wrong blog bit!! I'm looking for a needle clamp for the minimatic, mine has finally given up the ghost.