Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is the cute too much?

12May17amadeus I was in Williams Lake earlier this week on a business trip – it’s about a two hour drive north of where I live. It has a population of just over 11,000. My co-workers and I went out for a coffee after the seminars were over. The four of us were so busy yakking that I almost missed seeing this little guy. His owner had him in a pet carrier inside the shop and we only noticed him as she was carrying him out. They were still just outside a little while later when we left, so I took some pictures. Who could resist? Amadeus, the little angora goat.

I’ve been practising my free motion quilting, but nothing that would be of much interest to anyone else. I promise to do better over the weekend.

New Moon on Sunday, May 20. It will be at 0 Gemini around 5:45 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Lots of planets focussed around that part of the sky – Taurus and Gemini. Venus at 23 Gemini adds its pretty face to the influence of the New Moon, while Mercury touches noses with Jupiter in nearby Taurus on the same day. Gemini rules the hands in a sort of crafty way. It also rules ideas which will be flitting through our heads so fast this month that it might be hard to stick to just one or two (three, four, five…) projects. You might find yourself looking through books and magazines for more ideas, not that you need any more.

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