Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fabric accumulation

12May30paisley Oh dear. It’s building up faster than I can use it! I wasn’t planning on buying any more fabric for a while, and successfully dodged several online sales this year. So I dunno what happened, but I weakened. I’d had my eye on a couple of feline-themed fabrics for over a year now, and I couldn’t resist them any longer. I guess I just figured I needed to buy them now before they disappeared forever. 

12May30kitties But Galena Bay Novelty Fabrics in Campbell River offers free shipping on orders $100 and over, and it doesn’t take long to build up, even when you’re buying fabric for $3 and $6.50 per yard (as well as $15 per yard), so… It wasn’t hard to add a few more bits and pieces to that. I’m accumulating a great collection of black and white matching fabrics, for one thing. I also bought a yard of Pellon Thermolam. I’m looking forward to using it – it’s thicker than the Pellon fusible fleece I’m currently using, and sort of stretchy.

You know it’s bad when you look though a bag sitting in your quilting area and find pretty fabric you’d forgotten you had. (And the bags of hidden goodies are also beginning to accumulate.)

12May30panels I have to say that these new fabrics are even prettier in person than they are in a web catalogue. These Tale of Two Kitties panels from Red Rooster, I’m thinking, would go nicely on a bag I’m making as a Christmas present. So I bought four sets, because I might have to use some for a bag for myself, and it’s always good to have extras for those times when inspiration strikes like a bolt of lightning and you don’t have time to go shopping. Well, it could happen. And if it does, I’m ready.

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