Friday, September 23, 2011

Scrap projects

11Sept23cats My bad, it’s been almost a month without a picture of Rusty and Ginger! They’re fine and getting into as much mischief as usual. I just haven't been inflicting my camera on them as much lately. I’ll do better.

I’ve been sewing and working on a few different projects – which is sort of a bad idea in my case. As I get bored with one project, I look for something else quick and easy to do, leaving lots of unfinished projects behind. I’m getting into a habit of starting things, but not finishing them which I'm already prone to doing.

I was working on some Hallowe’en placemats about a month ago, but got antsy with all of the fussy little pieces, so I switched to some more paper piecing work - with more fussy little pieces. But at least they get sewn down right away and don't go missing like the tiny Jack O'lantern teeth, noses and eyes.

11Sept23moon1 11Sept23moon2 My paper piecing projects are getting a little more intricate and/but I’m happily using up much of my scrap collection. I’m feeling vindicated for having saved them all, but holy crumbcake, are they ever fiddly to work with. Especially when you don’t pay attention to the instructions and put them together all wrong. I found this neat little free pattern at Regina Grewe’s site. The colours I’ve used were an experiment – like everything I do right now - and look strange (and not really in a good way), but I might do another one later on paying more attention to how I place the colours.

11Sept23house The only thing i don't like about paper piecing is the MESS - all of those scraps lying around. Add a couple of rambunctious kitties, and it looks like someone dropped an A-bomb into the middle of my work table.

This weekend I'll try making another zippered bag, the plan being to keep doing it until I get it right (because Christmas is coming). Then I’ll get back to my Mexican Star quilt. I think I know how I'm going to complete it, and may even get it done in time for winter - if this nice weather keeps holding on. Then it’s back to my Christmas Tree skirt. Something tells me that planning three projects ahead is stretching it, since life has a way of tossing the occasional greased pig into that balancing act we call daily routine, and priorities are in a constant flux.

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