Monday, September 26, 2011

New Moon, new beginnings

11Sept26sun This month’s New Moon comes to rest at 4 Libra around 4 am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, Pacific Daylight Time.The New Moon has a subtle influence over the types of activities that are predominant for the following 28 days and, of all the moon phases, is the best time to start afresh, whether it’s a new project or a new resolution.

11Sept26morning Libra is one of two signs ruled by Venus, the other sign being Taurus. The two signs have different personalities, but the both appreciate beauty and generally have a pretty good eye when it comes to art, architecture and decorating. Libra, in turn, rules the Seventh House of the Zodiac and this House is in charge of partnerships, relationships between people, law, justice and politics. Librans love to debate every possible side of an issue, and can dispassionately examine every aspect of a topic before they make a decision. Once made, it takes an exceptional argument to make them change their minds.

This month’s New Moon comes with a bit of baggage – the Sun/Moon conjunction is opposite to Uranus at 2 Aries, and all are square Pluto at 5 Capricorn. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, governs sudden change, genius (also “mad genius”) and electricity. So, take relationships and put them at odds with sudden change and then pull in Pluto which puts everything on a world-scale (even universal) level and you have a day that just may be better off spent in front of the sewing machine. Fortunately, Libra and Aries deal with personal relationships and are both cardinal signs along with Capricorn, meaning they can debate an issue and come to a reasonable compromise. They may end up talking until June 24 next year when Pluto and Uranus form an exact square.

Anyway, forget all that. This month we do “pretty” with our LIbra Moon. Pinks, blues and greens in pretty pastel shades will attract our Libran side as we strive for balance in colour and design. Libra is very social, so try not to quilt alone. And if you’re going to a meeting of quilters, don’t forget to bring some sweets.

Work to improve the important relationships in your life.

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