Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Furry Purry One

My dear Miao Yin was The Best Quilt Inspector ever. She left this stage of her existence behind one year ago today, but she still lives in my heart.

She took her job quite seriously, examining my projects quite closely at each step. She never clawed or ate my fabric, or batted spools around the floor, or held up production by sitting on my sewing machine. I can't say that about Rusty or Ginger. Too bad Miao didn't pass the rules on to the brats before she left.

We rescued the brats from a farm to provide some companionship for Miao, who was, herself, adopted from the Fort St. John (BC) animal shelter as a stray, somewhere around 1995-96. For over a dozen years we were a family of two humans and four cats, but in 2008 we lost three of our dear friends to unrelated problems, including her best buddy, Monkey. Sadly, Miao didn't have very much time left to get to know the kittens, who arrived on Christmas Eve, 2009. We didn't realize how sick she was until it was too late.

Miao and Monkey

Sizing up my first denim quilt

She couldn't help me fix this early project

Always quietly helpful

Miao had exquisite taste

The above quilt was from a free pattern I found at Marcie's blog a couple of years ago. It's called Christmas Punch .

by Madeleine Leslie-Smith

Tell me, oh furry purry one
What thoughts are in your head?
Of food or mice or contests won,
As you curl up on my bed.

Silly! I have no need for thought,
There is no need for that!
I'll be myself, just as I ought
A wild and wilful cat.

For I can climb and leap and chase
Dry leaves on the daisied grass,
And try to catch, with feline grace,
Cloud shadows as they pass.

Upon my bed for warmth is set
Electric heating mat;
A special towel, should I get wet,
Marked D.O.G.  -  that's cat.

What need for thought, howe'er sublime?
With human beings in thrall,
Thinking would be a waste of time.
For me to BE is all.

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  1. Awe they look so sweet. Pets always stay with us, even when they are physically gone. Thanks so for sharing.