Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a day!

Every once in a while, a pile of poodoo happens. Like today. Nothing serious, but very irritating. Like forgetting to take crucial work-related material with me to work today, and no way to go home to retrieve it. Which means I have go to back to the office tomorrow.

And before I left for work today, I went to look for some of my quilty pictures ... and they were all gone! A huge file of not just my quilt pictures, but also this year's Christmas pictures - just gone from my external hard drive. Gone. I finally remembered that I'd backed up all of my pictures (100+ Gigabytes) to DVDs back in September after they all came back from a brief hiatus. So I still had most of my quilt pictures, but nothing from Christmas.

Losing one file of pictures made no sense, so I restarted my computer. My pictures were back. I'm thinking it's time to a) Do another photo backup and b) get a new external hard drive.

Even this page is looking different as I type it. Wonder what it will look like on my blog, as my "preview" function quit working yesterday.

BUT! On the bright side (yes, there's always one) - NEW FABRIC! It came Friday morning, but I've been too busy to do more than admire it in passing and pet it on occasion. (C'mon, admit it - y'all fondle your fabric, dontcha.)

I couldn't resist the Christmas sales, and although the batiks weren't on sale, I'd had my eye on these for months and since I was picking up some Christmas fabric... Well, it just made sense to order them as well. They're for a Storm At Sea that I'm planning for my favourite Pisces.
I'm also a sucker for cat prints. I've seen some pretty ugly cat prints, and have been the recipient of a few of them from well-meaning friends, but usually I cave in. As I did in this case. I can't resist these big, happy tabbies. Nor those tiny little paw prints.

I picked it up on the way in to work so a co-worker saw it. "What are you going to use it for?" she asked. As if I knew! They will no doubt be put to good use eventually in one of the million projects I have planned. Until then, I'll just admire them whenever I get the chance.

Until next time,

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