Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The lunatic is in the hall.
The lunatics are in my hall.
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paperboy brings more.
- Brain Damage by Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon)

Wow, it's an active day in Blogland. Full Moons always seem to have the effect of stirring up things - often emotions that had laid dormant for some time, but also just thoughts and feelings in general. Most people can tell it's a Full Moon without even looking up at the sky. There's a certain feeling of restlessness.

Today's Full Moon is in Cancer at 29:27 degrees, exact at 21:21 GMT. This is a potent and  fortuitous Full Moon that trines Jupiter exactly and Uranus closely, and occurs at the critical 29th degree of Cancer and Capricorn. It brings to the forefront our concerns about finances, home, security and social responsibility.

A Full Moon in Cancer can make for an emotional week, so try to keep grounded and serene while allowing the inspirational vibes of this beautifully-aspected Moon and of Jupiter's entry into Aries to bless your mindstream and activities. Colours that Cancereans enjoy are silver, light gray, white, pearl and old ivory - especially if they glow.

Binding construction!
Full Moon days are great days to wrap up a project - or at least start that final stretch to the finish line. Yesterday I finally got the binding on a project I've been working on (and mostly off) for the past year and a half - the one I've been stitching, unstitching and restitching lately. Hopefully I'll get that finished tonight. This is what I chose for the binding. I'll show you the rest once this little wall-hanging is in the hands of its recipient.

Actually, the heading of this post, "Luntics", refers to the cats. They're crazy every day, but last night and today in particular. They are both Scorpios, one of the three water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), and even more so affected by this Full Moon than others. They come running whenever I turn the faucet on so they can play in the water! One of these days I may have to share my shower with them.

Nutcases, Rusty and Ginger trying to communicate with another lifeform
 On Thursday, Jan. 20 the Sun enters Aquarius; and on Saturday, Jan 22 slower-moving Jupiter enters Aries where it will stay until June, bringing an atmosphere of sometimes over-exuberant but certainly courageous zest to Aries people in particular. The other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, will feel the residual pleasant effects. Enjoy the lovely weeks but don't take on more projects than you can handle. Over-commitment may be a real challenge since Aries people have been struggling for the past year under adverse Saturnian influences as Saturn passes through Libra. Saturn isn't making life much fun for Librans right now, but it's sure helping us to stay focused and get those little projects finished and off of our To Do lists!

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  1. I'm sorry but Rusty and Ginger are too cute in that photo! LOL!