Monday, January 3, 2011

Old dog, new trick

Is this thing working?

Hello and welcome to my first ever and only blog. I've been reading a good many quilting blogs over the past few weeks, and learning a lot from the experience and enthusiasm of others who have been doing this better and longer than I, and wishing that I could join in.

Well, with New Years fast approaching, I decided to do something about it and create my own blog. And even if no one ever reads it, I'll have taught myself something new and kept myself amused while doing it.

Two years ago I joined out local quilters' guild and learned the basics from a group of very talented and lovely ladies.

In those two years I've only completed one lap quilt, a wall hanging and some mug rug Christmas presents. I've finished tops for another wall hanging, another lap quilt, a queen size and I've started on twin-sized quilts for five young grandchildren. Hopefully I'll have them done before they're ready to start their own families.

Someone asked me recently when I found the time to quilt. I told them, "In the hours between when I get home from work and when I go back to work the following morning."

And then there are holidays around Christmas, although I spent most of that time pulling stitches out of the wall hanging - for the third time. Those tension gremlins!

But my assistants Rusty and Ginger make sure I take frequent breaks by either planting themselves on my sewing machine - although they are no longer the kittens you see in this picture - or in my arms. They're very considerate in that way, for a pair of Scorpio cats.

Astrology comes into play when I'm deciding on colours to use in the quilts I make for others, especially if I don't know them well enough to know what their favourites are. I haven't found much published on that particular aspect of astrology, so I know know at this point if I'm choosing correctly. I'm gathering information as I go along.

I hope I can entertain you with future postings and pictures: learning my way around Blogland is still engaging the major part of my poor old brain.

And I still have sewing to do tonight. Now that transiting Mercury has gone Direct, perhaps my free motion stitches will as well.

Until next time,

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