Thursday, March 27, 2014


14Mar27needleplate I suppose it was bound to happen. Almost three years without any major problem. Until this morning. Burning the midnight oil, it was, in fact just after midnight. After weeks of working on a market design and testing different methods, I finally found one that worked. So it was time to put everything together. It was going so well last night that I didn’t want to stop. But my machine called it quits for me. It might have been the six layers of canvas, two layers of batting and one layer of cotton, but I don’t think so. I’ve been a bit concerned with the needle plate on my Janome 7700 for a little while now. Although it hadn’t given me any problems, it just didn’t seem quite right. Maybe I wasn’t taking care of it properly. 14Mar27bag Anyhow, it looks like it needs to be replaced, and the machine won’t work until it is.

Pity that my repair shop is in another city and is only open Monday through Friday – same hours that I work. It’ll be a challenge to get there. I could send Mr. ZQ in to get it fixed, but he’s in Fort St. John for a couple of weeks visiting his parents. His dad had a bad fall at the beginning of February and has limited mobility. His mom’s been using a cane for the past two years, so she’s having great difficulty trying to assist her husband! They’re both very stubborn. So, either I find a temporary fix for my Janome, or else I pull my little Bernina out of 14Mar27fmq the basement. It’s time she got a workout, though she doesn’t have the fancy stitches that I used on the handles. And I’m not thrilled about going back to that narrow throat for FMQ-ing. But, it is what it is.

I was working on this Farmers Tote when she stopped. And, like other free patterns I’ve tried to share in the past, today when I look for it, the link is broken. It’s just a simple tote with a pocket on the front by Maggie Makes. No zippers, no snaps! As I say, it was going together quite nicely, and I was even happy with my FMQ-ing.

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