Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Still working on it

13Dec17wristlet1 I was going to go to bed half an hour ago, but then I got a phone call that had me working on our Christmas Concert that’s coming up on Thursday. Then I had something else to do. And then something else…

13Dec17wristlet2 I was going to spend tonight sewing, but I had a horrible night’s sleep last night, and I don’t think I can concentrate on it. This little wristlet is a Christmas gift for the owner of this bag that I made for her last Christmas, and is made from this really easy Cake Clutch tutorial. Except, I managed to get the zipper backwards. No big deal. I like to add an inside pocket for loose change or anything you want quick access to, and I add a tab with a D-ring to hook your keys onto, or anything else.

It’s just under 10 inches from side to side, so she can fill it up and toss it into her bag, or use it separately.

Until next time,

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